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The software is meant to increase student retention by matching students to courses based on structure and how they learn best. No two people learn the same way and this is a reason why I believe many people leave a university, and a reason why I (Jarrod Cain) transferred to Bowling Green only to find they use the very same system for scheduling courses. I can’t give out all the details of the software at this point for various reasons.

Register your email on the left side of the page to help us get some feedback on the product! We're looking for specific types of individuals to test the software and give us feedback. In the near future we will be sending out a short profile survey to determine how your feedback would help us the most. Once we determine what information we would like you to provide, we may send out additional surveys to fine tune our product. In our emails we will offer an unsubscribe feature, but we will be doing our best to be as efficient as possible and send you very few emails. We thank you for your participation and if you have any additional thoughts or questions check out our contact page.

Our Mission:

We aim to save universities and students money by increasing the efficiency of how scheduling process is done. We care a lot about students getting a personalized education and at the same time decreasing their costs. Our hopes are to transform the software into a full-time business in which we improve the scheduling process for universities everywhere we can.